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Conekt Zeal Neo Power Banks

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  • 10000 MAH
  • Build In Micro
  • 2 OUTPUT
  • Li-Polymer

  • Color:

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Conekt Zeal NEO Power Bank features the latest Li-Polymer Cell battery type encased in a highly durable ABS Shell. The overvoltage and short circuit protection keep everyone and the device perfectly safe in all circumstances. Its compact and lightweight design lets you carry it with remarkable ease and comfort wherever you go. Dual input and dual output capabilities let you charge almost all mobile devices available in the market. This power bank works seamlessly with a wide range of phones, tablets, music players, and other USB chargeable devices.

Effective and Intelligent Charging: The advanced charging technology uses cutting edge electronic circuits for intelligent Fast Charging of your devices. It charges the devices quickly by ensuring absolute safety and protection.

High Capacity and Efficiency: The 10000 mAh huge amount of battery consisting of Li-Polymer cells offer reliable multiple charging capabilities to Zeal NEO. You can charge multiple devices multiple times with a high grade of charge retainment.

Ergonomic and Easy to carry: The state-of-the-art electronic circuits in the power bank surprisingly offer smart functionality in a small pocket-sized form factor. You will experience a whole level of power and portability with Zeal NEO power bank.

Elegant LED Status Indicator: Keep track of the power level with sleek and advanced LED indicators. The cool blue indication gives a calm mood to wherever it is placed. The refined LED design gives a sleek indication while active and becomes invisible while in an idle state.

Dual and Dynamic:It is capable of high-efficiency dual input and dual output. Dual input and dual output capabilities let you charge all mobile devices available in the market. Just plug and charge any of your devices without the hassle of charging adapters.

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