Bluetooth Headsets


Conekt Bluetooth Headsets Buying guide online

Bluetooth Headphones or BT Headsets cover your entire earlobe for unique audio and media output. Its large design makes it suitable to wear them only at home or in an office space. These headphones are considered best for blocking out the external noise for delivering a superior audio experience. 

Features and Specifications to Consider While Buying A Headphone

Comfort and convenience:

Comfortable On-Ear Bluetooth Headsets with an adjustable headband is all you need for all your entertainment purposes. They come with perfectly tuned bass and responsive treble that makes them ideal for watching movies, playing games, or editing videos. Every experience becomes memorable when you use Conekt’s Bluetooth Headphones.

Versatile Performance:

Go completely hands-free when on the move or just relaxing at home with wireless headphones from Conekt Gadgets. You can buy a Bluetooth headset with mic functionality to take calls while carrying out your regular activities. The ergonomic design of our wireless headsets ensures that you feel comfortable for a longer duration wearing them for listening to music, playing online games, or editing high-definition videos.

Integrated with Latest Bluetooth Technology:

Each model of Conekt’s BT headsets offers reliable wireless performance and seamless compatibility across devices. The strong and light construction of the headsets makes them a joy to use. Ergonomic fit with smooth and soft cushions enhance the whole wireless media experience.

Conekt's wireless headphones use Bluetooth as it’s easy to use and reliable. Bluetooth functionality is standard on many smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices which makes pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled headphone quick and easy.

Folding design:

Conekt's over-ear headphones have headbands that fold in on themselves so that they can be easily stored when traveling.

Noise-isolating headphones

Noise-isolating headphones passively block ambient room noise by creating seals around the ear or in the ear canal.  With over-ear headphones, this soft, thick foam cushion on the ear pad is used to keep the noise out. Noise isolating offers safer listening, as users don’t have to change the volume often to tune out external noise.