True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds

Earphones using true wireless technology do not need wires to connect to a media source device. Bluetooth chips inside them establish a completely wireless connection.

Bluetooth earphones with TWS technology establish a connection between the earbuds so the media source device can connect to them both. Then, the accessory’s Bluetooth chip sends audio simultaneously to earbuds one and two. This prevents strain on only one earbud while improving connection strength, and providing clearer audio.

Advantages of Conekt TWS

The TWS category in headphones offers a variety of benefits, they’re highly convenient and easy-to-use. Wireless functionality means users are free to move around without worrying about cables getting tangled in pockets or hindering their freedom while you’re moving.

True wireless earphones have a Bluetooth range upwards of 30 feet while still keeping a clear connection, which makes them ideal for workout or exercise. Conekt TWS earbuds are also remarkably easy to pair, easy to use, and have long battery life. Our True wireless technology also offers a high-quality immersive stereo audio experience along with a high-definition mic for high-quality call-conversations.

TWS earbuds deliver the left and right audio channels to the connected device separately by assigning the left channel to the left earbud and the right channel to the right earbud. When users have both earbuds in they’ll have clear, crisp surround sound. Even if users wear just one earbud, they will still have a complete audio experience — the audio isn’t split, so it doesn’t sound like instruments, and vocals are delivered to separate earbuds.

Dual-Mode Bluetooth Technology

Dual-Mode Bluetooth devices are those that support both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Bluetooth Classic provides a high throughput two-way communication link (up to 2.1 Mbps). I BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) has been developed for low data rate applications with a throughput of up to 25 kbps and consumes less power.

Dual-mode Bluetooth takes advantage of the latest advancements in wireless technologies and dedicated chips. The most common use case of this would be wireless headphones or speakers where Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used to pair and control the devices and Bluetooth Classic is used to stream the audio. Using Dual-Mode Bluetooth enriches the user experience by allowing quicker pairing, faster media controls, and high-quality audio streaming.

Most smartphones and tablets today come with Dual-Mode Bluetooth chips integrated with them. In this manner, they can use Bluetooth Low Energy to establish a connection and control various smart devices, and also use Bluetooth Classic for all high data rate applications.

Reason to switch from wired to Wireless


Without wires, the possibilities are limitless, both in terms of style and functionalities. Wireless devices are coming out with innovative designs throughout the year and people seem to love them.

Easy to use:

Gesture, touch, and voice controls make the wireless audio devices a delight to use. Each brand is adding its own unique features to provide maximum benefit to customers.

Endless talk:

With the advancements in the battery as well as wireless technologies, these devices offer a significant amount of playtime and talk-time. Without the limits of wires and an excellent pairing with the smartphone, you can have endless call conversations anywhere.

5 Best Features of True Wireless Earbuds


The convenience of enjoying high-quality music and calls on the go without wires is a magical experience. This is a dream come true for all audiophiles and many common mobile users in the world.

Sound quality:

The wireless audio devices feature next-gen hardware and software to offer the listener unmatched comfort and an unforgettable experience. The world as a whole is swiftly shifting towards total wireless earbuds and speakers for everyday media consumption.

Noise cancellation:

The addition of highly practical features such as noise-cancellation and noise-reduction technologies is paving the way for a revolutionary audio experience. Our products effectively the outer noise while fitting comfortably in your ears.

Latest technology:

Each of these wireless devices comes equipped with an advanced custom Bluetooth chip that enables seamless connection to the mobile phone and completely hands-free usage. The playtime, standby time, and response time of these devices are determined by this chip alone.


All the above factors together create a wonderful playtime for the user. The music-listening experience along with seamless call conversations bring about valuable moments of playtime.