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Audio and music play a significant role in our lives. With the advent of digital technologies, the whole world of music is now reaching every person on the planet. There are different ways to experience digital audio. Speakers and headphones are the primary ways of consuming audio entertainment. Most of these devices that output audio also process our voice at the same time to have beautiful conversations with our friends and families.

Things to consider about Speakers and Headphones

Unique designs are adopted for a variety of uses for speakers and headphones. Knowing the features and specifications is necessary when you buy headphones. Be it for exercising, working, or regular use, headphone designs are based upon their special uses. Headphones also, for some people, a major style statement, and thus various companies adopt some out-of-the-box designs for these people.

What are the audio devices available?

The Conekt’s audio segment primarily comprises products created using the following technologies:

  • Wired Earphones
  • Bluetooth audio devices
  • Advanced Wireless Technologies

1. Wired Earphones

Wired earphones may seem old, but still, for many, they are as precious as gold. Even as neckbands and TWS earbuds are taking the market by storm, wired earphones have never lost the shine. Most consumers are now owning both wired and wireless earphones to fulfill their different requirements.

When a person is relaxing at home or isn’t involved in any movement, a good pair of wired earphones serve him/her perfectly well. A high-level of singular clarity and reliability are excellently delivered by wired earphones. Superior stereo performance and clarity in call conversations are consistently offered by wired earphones across all media platforms.

The best advances in modern audio technologies have come to the wired earphones as well. With the application of improved driver technologies, wired earphones are sounding better than ever. The experience they are offering is even more engaging and immersive with the introduction of in-ear models and comfortable silicone earbuds.

2. Bluetooth audio devices

Bluetooth audio devices are creating a revolution in both the creation and consumption of media content across all tech platforms such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. All major audio form-factors including earphones, headphones, neckbands, and speakers are massively transformed with the implementation of Bluetooth technologies. Listening to your favorite music or having a wonderful call conversation is now possible without the mess of wires. This makes the Bluetooth earphones the go-to audio companion for your running, workouts, or even dancing. On the other hand, with Bluetooth speakers, you can turn any place into a rocking party.

3. Advanced Wireless Technologies

Bluetooth wireless technology is further enhanced to create True Wireless Stereo(TWS) earbuds and other cutting-edge truly wireless devices. They come integrated with an advanced Bluetooth chip with some extraordinary capabilities - producing stereo audio, seamless call-conversations, touch controls, voice commands, and many more. Truly wireless technology is turning science-fiction into reality and offering awesome media experiences to all users.


The headphone price range makes sure that you get your desired pick, be it wired or wireless variants. Here are some details about both variants that could help you make a wise choice.


Whether you are looking to replace your existing headphones for your mobile or music device, you are sure to find a piece you will like in this category. From standard black to bright neon green.


If you are looking for convenience, then wireless headphones are right for you. They are a bit on the pricey side but worth it in every way. These are especially great when you are on the go constantly, like to workout and play some sports.

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